[ASNT logo] Executive Committee - Board of Directors Nominees for 2019-2020 Program Year [Seal of Excellance 2017-2018]
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Chairperson: Chris Maraschky of The Boeing Co. or write-in
Vice Chairperson: Open or write-in:
Secretary: Open or write-in:
Treasurer: Luke Puckett of The Boeing Company or write-in:

Two-year Director: Dylan Thorp of Mistras or write-in
Two-year Director: Emery E. Roberts, Region 16 Director from Mistras or write-in
Two-year Director: David Liddington of Clover Park Technical College or write-in
Two-year Director: Roy Goodall of Goodall Infrared Services,INC or write-in
Current Two-year Directors who will become one-year Directors:   
Dina McRae
Tim York
Chris McRae

COMMITTEES (serve at Chair's discretion)
President's Award committee chair: Pete Torelli
Radiation Safety Refresher Seminar chair: Emery E. Roberts
Awards Committee, Past Chairman: Tim Burkholder
Scholarship committee: Dylan Thorp
Yearbook committee: Emery E. Roberts
Golf Committee co-chairs: Dylan Thorp, Flynn Spears