Pacific Northwest Section ASNT

Message from the In-Coming Chair

Dear Pacific NW Section Members,
I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful summer here in the great and beautiful Pacific Northwest!
Now that autumn will soon be upon us, I wanted to take this opportunity to say “Hi”, and tell you how much I’m looking forward to serving as your new PNWS Chair. Proudly, our Section has once again achieved the Gold Level President’s Award, so I hope to live up to your expectations and keep that streak going. This year I promise to work hard for you to make your section meetings not only informative, but fun! Also, I'm always open to new ideas; so if you have any ideas for making our meetings even better, please let me know anytime.
Soon we’ll be starting up the Section Year monthly meetings, and I wanted to start this year off with something fun. So as we did last year, we will have a “Section Year Kick-off Social” at Billy Barroo’s inside of the Foster’s Golf Club. It’s a great setting that opens up to the outside, and we’ll have great food, a no-host bar, and a fun little putting contest. Then, after dinner, there’ll be a raffle for some fun gifts.
Attendance is free for the membership and your significant others because your Board of Directors just wants you to come out, have some fun, enjoy the camaraderie, and meet your new Board who will be happy to tell you what the PNWS is all about.
The details for date/time etc. are posted on our website and an email will be coming out soon to explain things further.
I sincerely hope you can make it, and really look forward to seeing you there!
Kathy Ferguson

Materials Engineer – Boeing
Pacific Northwest Section Chairman 2017-2018

Our Pacific NW Executive
Board Of Directors





Kathy Ferguson
Trey Gordon
Jeff Siegel
Dina McRae
Clover Park College

Past Chairman

Education Chair



Flynn Spears
Laser Technologies
Chuck Musson
Clover Park College
Flynn Spears
Laser Techncologies
Chris Maraschky
Clover Park College





Pete Torelli
Roy Goodall
Goodall Thermal Imaging
Dylan Thorpe
Emery Roberts



Mychal Weidman
Clover Park College

An Important Note from
Our Membership Chair

Hello Fellow PNWS Members,

As I transition into our Section's Membership Chairperson position, for the upcoming year, I would like to ask all of you a favor.
Would you please think about why you are a member of ASNT and how you can help our local section succeed?
We have a very diverse cross section of members with a wealth of experience across many different market segments. We also have relied heavily on some very KEY industries in our region like Boeing and the Ship Yards. But we are seeing new manufacturing processes come into our state that have introduced for example composites which are not easily inspected by our conventional methods. But they can be inspected by UT, X-ray, Bond Testing, and newer technologies like Thermal Imaging and Laser Shearography. Our industry is always in a growth mode to improve our capabilities and keep us all relevant in our field. So, as someone who has been at this for some time, don’t ever feel you would not be welcome at our meetings or feel you don’t know enough to meet with your peers and colleagues. We are all of the same family of professionals who are after the same goals of success and accomplishment. We can learn from each other and if we don’t’ have the answers we know of someone who does, in most cases. And, we will always be connected as inspectors and NDT professionals as we all follow the ASNT Mission Statement.

“ASNT Exists To Create a Safer World by Advancing Scientific, Engineering, and Technical Knowledge in the Field of Nondestructive Testing”

If you have any questions about how I can help you or answer any questions about your membership please reach out. We appreciate your continued presence as a member and look forward to seeing you at our meetings. If you are unable to make meetings please let me know what your issues may be regarding our meeting dates or location. Your board of directors and I are committed to addressing any and all concerns that you may have. Help me help you make a difference by coming out and meeting with us this year.
Flynn Spears

PNWS Membership Chairperson 2017 - 2018

Our Pacific NW Membership

We have over 200 members here in the Pacific Northwest. Below is a map showing where our members are located.
As NDT Professionals we see the value and benefit of membership in ASNT everyday. Now as mentors, we need to encourage our non-member colleagues, such as those new to NDT or that have been in the profession for years but have not gotten around to joining us, to see the value and benfit that being a member will add to their career. So please do what you can to spread the word as we endeavour to grow our membership, and therby our strength, as a profession.

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